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Simple Morning Routine for a Calm Day

 Morning Routine for a Calm Day

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Ideally I get up early to do this. But some days I try to jam this stuff in when the girls are eating breakfast. It really depends on how much sleep you are getting at night and how early your babes are waking. At 2 + 4, I am now sleeping through the night and the girls are waking around 7 – so I have the luxury of being able to get up a bit early. But it wasn’t that way for a long time. So if you are wondering whether to priorities a morning routine or sleep – I would probably chose the extra sleep. You can still have a morning routine that is something super simple. A simple gratitude practice + 10 push-ups to get your blood pumping. Or a simple intention setting and 3 sun salutations to bring a focus and presence to your day.

The Three M’s. Movement + Meditation + Motivation

  • Yoga (10-15 minutes) I like to do 10 minutes of some form of morning yoga. This helps to dispel that stagnant energy from my body, loosen up any stiff spots and create a positive energy to carry throughout my day.
  • Meditation (5 minutes) At the end of my 10 minutes of Yoga, I will sit in silence for 5 or so minutes and let the practice sink in. Here I try to formulate my intention for the day.
  • Exercise (10-15 minutes) I also like to do 10 minutes or so of one of the Fit Mummy Project workouts, barre or pilates. If this is the only exercise I get done in the day, then I am content. If I can do more, then it is a bonus.
  • Cup of Tea + Read + Write (10 minutes) Here I write down my intention for the day. Write down 3 things I am grateful for and write down 3 key things I want to achieve that day. If I have time after that, I will read something I am curious about.

Total = 35 – 45 minutes.

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