Nourishing Recipes for Pregnancy, Motherhood + Family

Nutritionist Designed Recipes to Nourishing the New Mother and Her Family.

100+ Delicious Recipes for Pregnancy. Postpartum. First Tastes. Toddler.

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Recipes for Pregnancy + Motherhood + Baby + Toddlers

The Passionate women behind the Nourished Mummy Project

Gina Ulrich - Clinical Nutritionist and Mum to 3. Gina is a clinical nutritionist, a mother to three young children and a lover of wholesome food. Gina has over 10 years experience in women’s health and a real passion for using the power of nature to heal the body.

Kimmy Smith - Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Expert. Highly qualified and respected, Kimmy is the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App and Guides. She specialises in pre and postnatal fitness and wellbeing and is a Mum to two little girls.

Alice Bingham - Registered Nurse and Award Winning Health + Wellbeing Advocate. Alice is a registered nurse, and an award winning health and wellness blogger. Alice is a Mum to two young children and inspires thousands of women to live a healthier and happier life.